Saturday, February 5, 2011


My body is set to abandon bearing
an unholy emerging of woman to girl.
There are two types of mangoes.
The rounder one, with orange
swirled skin is sweet and melts
a nut-butter taste on the lips.
Most long yellow mangoes
can be bitter and tough
and draw the mouth dry
as an early persimmon.
My prayers are not fit
for God's ears, I want him
even though I know
heat contours his hollows,
where I reveled before truth.
After two days on the counter
a mango is ready to peel
taut skin from peachy flesh.
Cradle it in the hand
slice meat laterally from seed
hold it to the mouth, suck it in
taste globules explode
sour to sweet, lick fingers
and wash them utterly clean.

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