Saturday, February 5, 2011


there was a moment when her face arrived
unconditional and efficient as a pearl
banded with nose and pout
swindled from mother
and the rumor of hair
the innuendo of palpitation
bones sutured erratic
seemed infinitely superior
sapped with ecstasy
raised luminous
contours and hazel
now her eyebrows signal
ooh look in me
I have a secret
perfect stupid
boy’s desire
tits in wife beater spandex
they will return to soft pappy
when the common illness
maternity results
a swollen hourglass
impetuously inked with wide blows
the same coveted interchange as always
my god my god
you knit the skull and heart
the wisp of feet
the chain of phalanges
then lead to the salt marsh
and abandon to winter
without the luxury of impatiens

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